dreaming about being a pin up girl

Are you dreaming about being a pin up girl?

Dreaming about being a pin up girl - Tabarnak69.com

I can honestly say that even today there’s many beautiful young ladies that are dreaming about being a pin up girl.  There’s nothing strange about wanting to be admired by men without being too vulgar.   But what’s the history of this genre and what do we know about the women who were dreaming about being a pin up girl?

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Pin Up Girls have been around for as long as photography, reaching widespread popularity during the second world war, as GIs « pinned » photos of beautiful girls from the home front in their lockers, to uplift their spirits.

dreaming about being a pin up girl - tabarnak69.com

These girls weren’t obscene or immoral…

Their simple job was to boost moral among the young men, so far away from everyone they knew and loved. Having a smiling photo of a beautiful girl in his possession, reminded a soldier that something better was waiting for them. Entertainers of any kind could qualify as pin-up material, but no locker was worth looking at that didn’t include the « girl-next door », all glamed up in make-up and heels, and possibly showing a coy peek of bloomers, or donning a swim-suit.

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The advertisers quickly picked up on this popularity, noticing that there was both men that wanted to see pin up girls and women who were dreaming about being a pin up girl.  But in the begining it wasn’t so easy to use actual women and they certainly weren’t « cheap. »  So opting often for colourful drawings to save money. Their imagined girls would sell anything, from laundry soap to appliances. With so many men away at war, many women had to take on their jobs and for safety to wear utilitarian uniforms. Because of this, once the war was over for the pin-up look became the ideal of glam and femininity, much sought after style by anyone who wanted to feel like a lady again. What’s more with the playful « peek-a-boo » folie of a pin-up has something exciting that inspires the desire for more, by not giving it all away in one shot.

dreaming about being a pin up girl - tabarnak69.com

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To this day many ladies of all ages are still dreaming about being a pin up girl. Because Pin-up has lasting popularity, in pop art and culture as well as dress. There are still magazines dedicated to the pin-up model, a busty woman that often has both a few years and a few pounds over her mainstream walking clothes-rack fashion model. The pin-up is beautiful, in a way that everyone can be beautiful. A little time on hair and make-up, a welcoming smile, and the most mundane activities are somehow glamourous, or fun. It taps into the psych, a woman is seen as sexy and desirable, not just because she has curves, but because she is doing something interesting. We see images of women on the telephone (to their loved one, it is presumed), or perhaps in a traditional domestic situation, whatever the case, she is usally protrayed doing something for a loved one, or perhaps waiting for him to join her as is our model.

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